Trimming Small Cups

Small clay cups, small mugs, ceramic mugs, trimming foot, pottery wheel, red clay, speckled clay, dotted clay, petit tazitas, copitas, for tea, coffee, juice, wine. Simplistic, artistic, boho, kinfolk, painterly, artistic ceramics made by Little Clay Studio in Austin, Texas

These small cups were thrown on the hump and I added a deep foot while trimming the shape. I add Little Clay Studio’s logo when the surface is large enough, when it’s not I’ll think of a design to brush on. You can tell that my wheel has been well-loved with the amount of trimmings that have collected in the splash pan. Potters call wheels in this condition “seasoned.”

When I’m done I’ll add the trimmings and water to a plastic bag. It will take a good 5-7 days for the clay to slacken to an even consistency and after wedging it, it will be ready to use again. You can reclaim clay as long as it hasn’t been fired and doesn’t have underglaze or glaze on it. Reclaiming clay is a common practice that saves money—especially if you throw your pieces thick and trim off a lot of excess.

After the cups have been bisqued fired they will brighten to a sandy peach. They will then be wet sanded, glazed and fired a second time.