Mini Pot and Lid

Small Pot with Lid made by Little Clay Studio Artistic Ceramics in Austin, Texas

The last of the students' work is firing in the kiln, my art installation is complete, and now I can go back to throwing on wheel. I made this cute lil' pot and lid on the hump, and have several others to trim.

Throwing on the hump is a term for creating several pieces from a large mound of clay. It saves time when you want to produce a lot of work in one sitting, and it's quite miraculous watching a knob and lid take shape as you throw.

It's quiet in the studio. As I'm working I'm reflecting on my first semester as a resident artist and what's in store for 2019.

Small pot and lid thrown on the pottery wheel for sugar, snacks, special treasures made by Little Clay Studio in Austin, Texas.  Kitchenware gifts.
Sugar Pot with Lid and Knob thrown on the pottery wheel by Little Clay Studio