Art Kiln 🔥

Ceramics kiln at the art center for firing bisque and glazed pottery.  Little Clay Studio, Austin, Texas.

This kiln fire was a part of a wall art installation for a private dining experience in Austin, Texas. The project is special to me as the client collaborated with local artists to decorate their new spa retreat.

I selected five clays that are made in Austin and San Antonio, Texas for this collection of oversized ceramic bowls and plates. The clays range from espresso, chocolate, golden sand, buff with iron specks, and an eggshell white porcelain.

Clay bodies vary across the states, and regional clays are made in-house at local pottery stores. These clays are well known amongst the ceramics community as each body has distinctive characteristics.

An assortment of glazes were used including cotton white, ivory with brown speckling, and clear to highlight the clays with a satin sheen. Each glaze was brushed on using the pottery wheel to illustrate curvilinear strokes.

This subtle palette of brown clays and white glazes will balance the bright copper plates and decorative Binga baskets I purchased from vintage shops to complete the design.

Tomorrow is layout day where I will be onsite to apply the design concept to all of the elements I’ve sourced and created.