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Plant and Vessel is a collection of studio ceramics made in Austin, Texas by Traci Ward.  Each ceramic piece is an expression of clay, glaze, and curvilinear design. Learn more about the process in the workbook.



Ceramics sustains humanity in a cyclical nature that is fundamental to our being: its materials are sourced from earth, wares used in daily life, and our remnants to be discovered in archeological finds.  It is my hope to share the art and science with clay enthusiasts, and create meaningful pieces that enhance a moment in time.

Bisqued clay pottery vases, vessels, bottles, planters, and bowls made on the pottery wheel in Austin, Texas by Plant and Vessel.


In terms of food-safety, functional wares are made with lead-free glazes, and are vitrified so the clay does not absorb liquids.

"Vitrification transforms clay from a porous body to a compressed surface bonded to its glass particles when fired at the appropriate cone temperature. Vitrified clay is water impermeable, making glazed and specified unglazed surfaces functional and water resistant."

Each ware is specified on the product pages as food safe, or decorative.

Hand washing is recommended, and care instructions are included to help preserve your pottery for years to come.