Little Clay Studio modern simplistic, artistic pottery for the home. Mugs, plates, bowls, and accent pieces for a bohemian, boho-chic, chic, modern design. Black and white pottery and ceramics made on the wheel in Austin, Texas, featuring speckled pottery, black and white porcelain with painterly touches, and painted bowls and home accents. Anthropologie, Kinfolk, and Madewell like styles for retail and wholesale. Made by an independent artists. Support women artists. Support black artists.


Plant and Vessel's ceramic ware is functional, food safe, created with lead-free glazes, and vitrified for everyday use. In terms of food-safety, you want your ceramic wares to be vitrified so the clay does not absorb liquids.

"Vitrification transforms clay from a porous body to a surface bonded to its glass particles at a kiln fire appropriate to the clay's cone temperature. Vitrified clay is water impermeable, making glazed and specified unglazed surfaces functional and water resistant."

Each piece is specified as oven, microwave or dishwasher safe on the product pages. Hand washing is recommended, and care instructions are included to help preserve your pottery collection for years to come.



2018 Porcelain Statements is a saturated contrast of hand-tinted porcelain clay punctuated with vibrant cording. You can view the collection here and learn more about the process.

Statement jewelry made in Austin Texas by Little Clay Studio. Black and White statement earrings made with vegan-friendly practices. Artistic modern, minimal jewelry, simplistic and unique in design. Handmade and ethically-made by a woman-owned business. Support women artists. Painterly porcelain jewelry. Ultra-lightweight and gorgeous accents for everyday and formal wear. Date night, parties, day and night accessories for your best look. Boho-chic, bohemian, modern, kinfolk, local Austin pottery and jewelry maker. Gold plated and gold filled posts for sensitive skin. Oversized and lightweight with earring back clutches for stability and to hold your style. Black and white marbled earrings with one-of-a-kind designs, perfect for your everyday look and gifts for mom. Handcrafted porcelain statement pieces, charms, beads, and pendants to complete your streetwear fashion, boho, and chic and modern style. Handcrafted beads in porcelain and various clays in a variety of colors and styles for unique artistic jewelry and design. Cotton corded ethnic necklaces in burgundy, pink, black and white, and peach. Tassels in pink and hot pink. Black porcelain jewelry. Perfect for dresses, jeans, and to dress up and dress down. Tubes, half moons, u shaped, round, square beads. Gorgeous porcelain pieces fired in our kiln.

Ceramics sustains humanity in a cyclical nature that is fundamental to our being: its materials are sourced from earth, wares used in our daily lives, and our remnants to be discovered in archeological finds.  Inspired by a serendipitous encounter at The Contemporary Art School of Austin, it is my hope to share the art and science with clay enthusiasts, and create meaningful pieces that enhance a moment in time.

Plant and Vessel is a collection of studio ceramics made in Austin, Texas.  Each ceramic piece is an expression of clay and curvilinear design. A unique selection of plant babies will be available summer 2019. You can follow the process in the studio workbook.

Art Residency Studio


Plant and Vessel’s ceramics are made at an art production level by Traci Ward during her 2018-2019 artist residency.  Designing in small batches affords originality and a touch element that reflects the artist’s hand.

Production time varies by project and is detailed on product pages. Your order is securely packaged, insured, and ships worldwide.

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Clay is strengthened by heat and compression with each kiln fire. It is then inspected for durability and integrity to its function and design.

Sales are final after 5 days, but if you find a problem with your order, email or send a message below within 5 days of delivery so we can find a solution.



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