10 Amazing Bisque Terracotta Faceted Planters You Will Love

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner plant owner or a more experienced cultivator, it is imperative that you select the best terracotta planter to ensure that your plant grows healthily.

terracota pots

You can never go wrong when choosing a bisque terracotta planter. These pots are aesthetically pleasing, sleek and slender.

With these planters, you are guaranteed to be able to appreciate your indoor plants at their finest.

What Are Terracotta Planters?

Terra cotta translates as “baked earth”. It is an Italian word and whilst these pots can be found worldwide, they are undoubtedly displayed all over Italy.

They are made from baked clay and boast warm, bisque colors that exemplify the beauty of any plant that grows in them.

What Are The Pros Of Terracotta Pots?

There are numerous reasons why these planters make the best pots for your plants. However, the following aspects are some of the main reasons why you should own one:

  • Their natural bisque coloration blends into a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.
  • They can easily be personalized to meet any desired aesthetic.
  • They are incredibly easy to paint.
  • They aid the drainage system of your plants and enable them to spread their roots.
  • They possess a strong capacity for heat retention.
  • They make excellent repellents.
  • They are easy to transport and far easier to move than stone pots.
  • They are environmentally friendly. Broken pieces of terracotta can also be used for improving drainage systems.

What Are Terracotta Planters Made From?

Bisque terracotta planters consist of high-quality clay that has been baked at a high heat.

Thus, these planters are more than porous enough to aerate the plant and allow water to drain accordingly.

This helps to stimulate healthy root growth which prevents root rot in your plant that is caused by the retention of excess moisture around the roots.

Because these planters are baked at a high heat, they are also far more sturdy than other pots. The clay is less rigid than stone, enabling its porous facilities.

Purchasing a bisque terra cotta pot with high walls is a good way to ensure that your pot lasts for a number of years. 


[amazon fields=”B00LVADT6A” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These two identical pots contain an abundance of drainage holes alongside detachable saucers that make it incredibly easy to drain any excessive moisture.

They also boast a traditionally classic, rounded design that adds aesthetic appeal to your home or garden. 


Pennington Red Terra Cotta Clay Planter

These planters are 6” in diameter and form a cone-like shape that is perfect for showcasing your finest flowers, herbs, and succulents.

This planter also blends in beautifully within outdoor settings. 


These bisque terracotta pots have incorporated a modernized wave-design that is simply gorgeous. These pots would blend perfectly into an indoor garden. 


With an embossed planter, you can showcase a textural design that will only enhance your urban landscape.

This planter is perfect for showcasing your wide array of flowers and plants.


Plant Pot and Saucer

Whenever you purchase a planter from HM, you will be provided with a matching saucer alongside that makes a beautiful companion to your pot.

The design on these planters is simplistic and there is a white-washed effect merged with the bisque coloration.


[amazon fields=”B09HH12DMK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you are looking for an alternative color to a bisque pot, then look no further.

Whilst the inside of this pot is more bisque than pink, this stunning handmade pot will undoubtedly add a rustic nuance to any indoor or outdoor garden.

This planter also provides an abundance of space for your plants to grow and thrive accordingly.


[amazon fields=”B081RBYWX5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These terracotta planters are naturally smoothed with a warm bisque color. They are beautifully constructed and make the perfect addition to a minimalist household.

These planters are best suited to succulents and cacti, providing copious amounts of draining potential.


Duox Small Terracotta Planter

This beautiful crafted planter will make you fall in love!

You should bear in mind that these planters do not come with drainage holes and thus, it is best to use them to plant aloe vera or alternative types of succulents.


These high-quality planters are constructed using the finest bisque terra cotta.

These pots make the perfect home for tropical plants, or other forms of luscious greenery. These planters can be easily painted to create your desired look.


This planter preserves artisan aesthetic tradition perfectly. It also contains a drainage hole and comes alongside a slender saucer than provides your plants with the utmost drainage potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Terracotta Pots Suitable For Indoor Plants?

Terracotta plants can definitely be used or indoor plants. However, you will need to take your living conditions into consideration, as well as the type of plant that you wish to grow in a bisque terracotta planter.

10 Amazing Bisque Terracotta Faceted Planters You Will Love

Usually, terracotta’s porous nature makes it perfect for growing plants that require a strong drainage system, in order to avoid root rot.

These planters are also perfect for any plants that need to be grown indoors during colder weather conditions.

If you do not want to grow your plant in the terracotta pot alone, then you can keep it in its original grow pot and place that in the soil within the planter.

Will My Plant Grow Better In A Terracotta Pot?

Whether your plant will grow better in a terracotta pot depends on the type of plant that you are planting.

If you are growing succulents like cacti, then terracotta is the best choice for you.

This is because bisque terracotta planters will release excessive moisture more easily from the soil.

Can I Drill A Hole In A Terracotta Planter?

Whilst you can drill a hole in a terracotta planter, it is also advisable to purchase a terracotta pot that already has drainage holes.

If you want to drill a hole in your planter, then soak the bottom of the planter and drill a hole using a diamond drill bit.

Will My Plant Dry Faster In Terracotta?

Yes, your plant will dry out faster in a terracotta planter. This is because most of these pots are not glazed which makes them far more porous than other forms of planter.


To conclude, the ten bisque terracotta planters that I have listed above are some of the most beautiful terracotta pots that are available for you to purchase.

You should definitely consider purchasing at least one of these planters if you are looking to grow indoor or outdoor plants.

In my opinion, it is far more preferable to grow your plants, flowers, and other greenery in a bisque terracotta planter as they are both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy.

If you are seeking a planter that will ensure that your plant remains aerated throughout the year, then you should definitely opt for a terracotta planter.

These pots also provide the perfect balance between heat retention and water drainage, and thus, you will be able to use them to plant your greenery all year long!

These pots are incredibly easy to paint and customize to suit your individual aesthetic requirements.

Thus, whether you are seeking to purchase a plain bisque terracotta pot, or you wish to customize your pot accordingly, you will undoubtedly find the right planter for you in this list.

You should bear in mind that if you are growing succulents in your bisque terracotta planter, you will need to ensure that you choose a planter that is the appropriate size.

Choosing the right sized platner is imperative to ensuring that your succulent is able to properly establish its roots and grow at a healthy pace.

Fortunately, most of the terracotta pots that I have listed in this article are sized appropriately.

However, you should use your own discernment. It is always advisable to purchase a terracotta planter that comes with drainage holes, however, you will be able to drill your own hole in a terracotta pot by using a diamond drill head.

Any broken terracotta can also be reused for other purposes and this sturdy material boasts a wide range of potential in regards to edging activities.

Terracotta pots are also notably suitable for growing succulents like cacti, as they provide adequate drainage for these plants, enabling them to avoid root rot inherently.

Whatever aesthetic design you are seeking, you will undoubtedly find the right bisque terracotta planter for you in the list above. Thank you for reading.

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