About Us

Plants are amazing, aren’t they? All different shapes, sizes, colors, and requirements. It’s no wonder the popularity of indoor and outdoor plants has skyrocketed in the last few years! 

Hi, my name is Amy Enrich and I have had a keen green thumb since my parents first taught me how to sow a sunflower seed. The process of watching it grow from seed to sprout, sprout to shoot, and then to a full-blown plant is a wonderful sight - I never get bored of it!

Since then, I’ve always had a plot of land in the backyard where I could grow different types of plants. Even now, after I’ve moved out to my own apartment, I still have my patch of dirt for my outdoor plants. 

My apartment has become a jungle in itself, with indoor plants hanging from every free space I could find. 

I love talking to anyone who will listen about plants, different varieties, how to look after them, and more. That is why I have created Plant Vessel, to help other plant lovers look after their new family members properly and keep them thriving! 

Please stick around and enjoy my plant content, and don’t blame me if it influences you to go and buy some more plants!