10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

There is something tranquil about opening the backdoor to your garden and seeing a vibrant array of colors from plants, flowers, and trees.

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

It is not only a beautiful sight, but is great for all the creatures of the area, as they will come in and explore this verdant place readily.

The problem is that while the garden is clearly thriving, the fences and walls around it don’t appear in the same state of life.

They are often barren or colored only what the structures that contain the garden are, but this can be rectified with the introduction of hanging planters.

These can hang from cord, walls, even at odd angles, but each one can house a beautiful flower.

As such, we thought we would bring you today the most unique planters that you can have for your home and garden.

Two Liter Planters

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

A nice little idea to make use out of your old plastic bottles without having to throw them away.

All you have to do is to get a two liter bottle that is the same size all the way round until it gets to the bottle cap, where it begins to form a cone shape.

Cut this bottle in half and turn the side with the cap on it upside down, then place the cap end inside the other end.

You can attach cord or ropes to the side without the cap, while placing soil and plants in the one with the cap, creating a nice little potted plant.

Because you can see everything through the transparent plastic, you can see whether your plant needs watering or if there are any other problems with it.

The small size also allows you to put the plant almost anywhere without any problems – inside or outside.

Birdcage Planter

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

If you are looking for something more timeless and less DIY, you might be interested in getting a birdcage planter.

This planter is just an old birdcage, but by putting a pot inside it, you can turn it into a little planter that you can rest or hang anywhere.

The only issue with this planter is that you need to make the bottom secure so not pots or plants will fall over.

However, apart from that, you can use it wherever and however you like.

One thing people like to do with this planter is to decorate it in color schemes that match either their garden or the inside of their house.

It is best used for delicate plants, as – ironically – it prevents birds from getting at your flowers, while still letting pollinators do their jobs.

It could also be an interesting pot for vines to be displayed from, as they will wrap around the structure.

Bag Planter

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

Have you got any old handbags or bags lying around that you can no longer use, but can’t give away either?

Maybe turn them into a planter!

Handbags are especially good for this purpose, as they are often made to last and have one large opening to hold the plant in place.

The strap can hold the bag in place on a wall or above the floor, while the bag itself will provide an interesting chic to the decor of your room.

A thing to note is that a handbag or bag planter will only last one season before it begins to wear thin and the plant’s roots may start to make short work of it.

Bags can also serve as emergency pots if you have begun to run out of them, or they are starting to break.

They will give you enough time to pop to shop and buy more, while your plants are secure in the bag you left them in.

Hanging Shelf

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

Back to a DIY project for yourself, a hanging shelf planter is literally a couple of planks of wood that have holes cut into them, big enough to hold pots.

These planks are then attached to some strong strings or cords, with each plank about a foot above the other.

The planter is then hung from a wall, fence, or door.

It is a nice and easy little project that will allow you to create a wall of plants for very little work.

Every once in a while, you may need to check that the planter is still holding, but the simple, minimalist nature of the planter also provides a nice, clean display that can go in almost any home or garden.

Due to the hanging nature of it though, it is advised you use plastic pots, not pottery.

Chandelier Planter

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

A nice chandelier can be a pretty penny, but an old one from a thrift store can be very cheap.

It might not be in the best shape, yet if you fix it up and paint it, it can look amazing.

Then all you have to do is replace the candleholders with pots, and you are good to hang it wherever you like.

The great thing about a chandelier is that it is designed to hang from places as well.

Therefore, you can place it almost anywhere and allow the flowers or plants to cascade down from it.

Pallet Planters

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

If you happen to have a large wooden pallet, as you would see in a garden center or at a warehouse, then you can actually make it into a beautiful hanging planter.

All you have to do is to take out a couple of the boards from the top of the pallet, but none of the back boards.

Then, reattach these boards in, so they are now vertical where they used to be.

Once in this position, you can turn the pallet on its side and hang it from a wall or a fence.

The vertical nature of the reattached planks will let the pots of the plants rest on top of the pallet, thus giving you a lovely view.

Now all you need to do is to paint the pallet to your desired color and voile, a DIY project that will even please your loved ones.

Lattice Shelving

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

A lattice is something that you put in the garden to help vines climb upwards without strangling your other plants.

However, if you turn it on its side, you can make it into a cheap, but fairly effectively shelving unit.

Tying cord or rope to each part of the lattice will give it structure, while the holes are large enough to hold small pots, while being small enough to not allow them to fall through.

If you’re going for a completely minimalist design, then this is the planter for you.

Light Bulbs

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

This may sound strange, but hear us out. If you can remove the inside wiring, while keeping the outside metal rim, then this can work as a pot for small plants.

Simply turn the lightbulb, so the glass bulb is facing the floor, attach string to the metal rim, and hang it from the ceiling or from a wall.

You can then fill the lightbulb with a touch of water and put small plants or cuttings in it.

This works as a kind of hydroponic system, as the water will keep the plants hydrated , until they wilt after a few weeks.

Mason Jars

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

Who doesn’t love a good mason jar? Fantastic for not only holding sundries and foods, but also making pickled and fermented foods as well.

They can also be used as simple, but effective planters. Simply fill them with soil and some plants.

Like the two liter bottle idea, the main benefit of these plants are that you can actually see into the soil, giving you information about how the plant is doing.

You can also stack them in a row and make a kind of rustic kitchen vibe without doing too much work.

Not only that, but mason jars are kind of multipurpose, so once you have finished using them as planters, simply wash them and put them back in the cupboard.

Wicker Baskets

10 Unique Hanging Planters For Your Home And Yard

The previous royalty of the summer picnic can actually become a perfect planter.

Wicker baskets are sturdy, flexible, strong, and they have handles.

This means that they are perfect for turning them into would be hanging planters.

The one problem is the numerous gaps and holes in them, but if you place a sheet of plastic in them before turning them into a planter you should not have this problem.

You can also get different sizes, shapes, and colors of wicker baskets, meaning you can arrange your planters in size order when they hang down from the wall, put them into various shapes, or have a color display.


Having hanging planters in your house, garden, or yard is a pure joy.

Not only does it allow you to express yourself in minimal space, you can do so with many objects that you may just find around your home.

Try out one of these ideas for yourself, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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Amy Enrich