10 Top Houseplant Quotes That Will Inspire You

In today’s world, we all look somewhere for some inspiration.

10 Top Houseplant Quotes That Will Inspire You

Maybe you go on a trip to view some beautiful scenery, maybe you look at some amazing works of art – or maybe you look up some inspirational quotes. 

Quotes that inspire us can come from anywhere. They do not necessarily have to be from a celebrity, they could be from a stranger or even someone you know personally.

Whatever the case, inspirational quotes come in all shapes and sizes and when it comes to houseplants – this is no exception. 

We’ve scoured many areas and we’ve come up with our favorite ten inspirational quotes about houseplants.

Hopefully, these will get your passions flaring as they did with us! 

Read on for more. 

[1] “Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope.” — Lady Bird Johnson

Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson was the First Lady of the United States during the Presidency of Lyndon B Johnson.

While her and her husband’s residency came in the wake of a dark tragedy, she was well known for trying to give the world light and positivity.

In the mid 1960s, her name was used to identify the Highways Beautification Act – which became known as Ladybird’s Bill.

Mrs Johnson long strived for the nation’s capital to be cleaned up and beautified, and for her efforts she was awarded high honors. 

Her now famous quote, is very poignant for the time then and even to this day.

In the wake of the assassination of former president John F Kennedy, the nation mourned the loss of one of the most popular and inspirational leaders. 

America looked for hope in times when this seemed fruitless. Lady Bird Johnson understood that the blooming of flowers can provide this hope.

Through their beauty, we get the sense of new beginnings, new life and the feeling that we can achieve anything.

Truly one of the best figures of history, Lady Bird Johnson’s quote will forever live in our minds and inspire us to get our own home blooming with hope! 

[2] “Plants Are Like People: They’re All Different And A Little Bit Strange” – John Kehoe 

John Kehoe is a Canadian author and leader who is probably best known for his 1987 book “Mind Power” that became a bestseller.

Not only an author, John Kehoe spends much of his time trying to inspire others to find their purpose in life. 

This quote about plants is quite interesting. We often separate humans and animals from plants, but when we get right down to it – plants have much more in common with us than we give them credit for. 

Indeed, we are all different and certainly some people are a little strange! Plants definitely have this characteristic.

Each plant has its own identity through their scent, their appearance and even their growth. 

What we often overlook with plants, and especially with houseplants, are their needs.

While some houseplants can deal with many conditions with little maintenance, some houseplants require specific conditions to survive. 

These needs give them their own personality and life – exactly like us.

Yes, they may seem a little different and a little strange – but that’s exactly like us! 

This quote really brings about the feeling of duality with us and plants and certainly inspires you to look after your houseplant. 

[3] “Plants Want To Grow; They Are On Your Side As Long As You Are Reasonably Sensible” – Anne Wareham 

An inspirational quote now from a well known gardener – Anne Wareham is also a Welsh author who has written extensively about gardening content, including for media giants like the Financial Times. 

Some of her biggest works include “The English Garden” and “Gardens Illustrated”, so as you can probably imagine, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to plants!

Her quote here is very important when it comes to us keeping our plants healthy and happy.

As she says, plants want to grow – and this is very true. As with humans, we all want to develop and grow. 

The latter half of the quote is where the inspiration comes from. Being “reasonably sensible” is only part of the task.

While it is very critical to provide your plants with light, water and their required nutrients – you may need to provide them with much, much more. 

Sensibility will only get you so far – strive for more and you’ll find your plants live a lot longer! 

[4] “A Beautiful Plant Is Like Having A Friend Around The House” – Beth Ditto 

Beth Ditto is probably best known for being the front runner of the band Gossip between 1999 and 2016, however she has done many things since bursting onto the scene in the 1980s. 

A singer, actor, model, fashion designer and of course – a plant enthusiast, she’s done it all! 

This quote is very poignant and very true. Beautiful plants can make a room and overall make a home, which is like having your best friend there. 

This is both physical due to the biology occurring with a plant nearby, but also through our own psychological connections to houseplants.

Indeed, having your favorite plant in the house can certainly help you feel less alone and more alive. 

[5] “Plants Give Us Oxygen For The Lungs And For The Soul” – Terri Guillemets

While you may not have heard of Terri Guillemets, this is one of the best quotes out there about plants.

In similar fashion to the previous quote, we understand the biology that occurs when plants are around us – but what about the spiritual connection?

Plants help us to stay alive in a physical sense, but when it comes to our soul – we can feel rejuvenated and anew when beautiful plants are around us.

It gives us the connection to our world and to nature, truly immersing us in our natural environment. 

[6] “I Thought I Was Pretty Cool Until I Realized Plants Can Eat The Sun And Poop Out Air” – Jim Bugg 

Okay, now whilst this quote is somewhat crass, it is actually very smart. What we take from this is far more than what initially might come to mind. 

It helps us realize how amazing plants really are. Their daily behaviors are much more intricate than we often give credit for – despite us often believing that we, as humans, are the most important being on the planet. 

Yes, we should always try to remember that without plants – we’d likely not be here at all, so quotes like this can help us appreciate our plants much more and inspire us to pay them more attention! 

[7] “My Green Thumb Came Only As A Result Of The Mistakes I Made While Learning To See Things From The Plant’s Point Of View.” — H Fred Dale

Another quote from an experienced gardener here, H Fred Dale was very well known from his work with the Toronto Star and his self titled “Fred Dale’s Garden Book”. 

This quote is very relevant to those who are new to the world of plants and gardening in general.

It can be very difficult to know what to do to keep plants going for as long as possible, and certainly difficult to know how to do them. 

Sometimes, the only sure-fire way to success is through trial and error, and this is what this quote is talking about.

Plant care can often be a case of trial and error, and newbies to plants will have to understand that they may not get things right at the first time of asking. And that’s okay! 

Just keep going and take as much time, experience and knowledge as you can. Over time, you will get it perfect! 

[8] “Like People, Plants Respond To Extra Attention” – H Peter Loewer

A highly experienced man of his field, H Peter Loewer is a famous American gardener, journalist, presenter and writer.

In fact, you may remember him from being the host of the TV series “The Wild Gardener”. 

This quote captures the needs of our plants. If you want the best for your plants, you’ll need to encourage their growth and their development.

This is much like humans that respond well to positive feedback and added attention. 

Providing your plants with a little extra attention can seriously benefit their lifespan and you may notice that over time – your plants appear healthier and happier. 

Just remember not to go overboard with some plants, as you may end up making things worse! 

[9] “Just Because You’ve Only Got Houseplants, Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have The Gardening Spirit. I Look At Myself As An Indoor Gardener” – Sara Moss-Wolfe 

This quote is so true! Many people look at those who only have houseplants as somewhat “frauds” of the gardening world – but this is far from the truth.

While you may not have the capability to have plants and flowers in your own outdoor garden, you can certainly do it indoors. 

Gardening is not just an outdoor activity. The spirit and the love for gardening is very important in the overall success of it, so never let anybody put you down for having houseplants. You are an indoor gardener! 

[10] “Plants Cry Their Gratitude For The Sun In Green Joy” – Terri Guillemets

Another quote from Terri Guillemets here but this one is perhaps the most inspiring quote when it comes to any form of plants.

Many animals can communicate through sounds or other forms that tell others how they are feeling and why. 

When it comes to plants, this is not always easy – and sometimes you have to wait for a physical manifestation of problems or successes. 

When things are going well, you may notice your plants blooming with healthy colors and appear strong.

This quote symbolizes how many plants can “thank” the light from the sun by being green. 

In essence, if they look healthy – they are happy and communicating this. Be sure that if your houseplant is communicating this happiness and gratitude, you make it up to them by continuing to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. 

Why Look For Inspirational Quotes?

Sometimes, we need a little inspiration to keep us focused and even to give us ideas to keep our houseplants healthy. 

Not only this, if you’re already a huge fan of houseplants, you’ll automatically fall in love with these amazing quotes – especially ones about blooming, life and the soul – at least it was for us! 

Where Can I Find More Inspirational Quotes Like This?

There are many quotes regarding houseplants and gardening in general out there.

Your best bet is to look for Reddit posts or follow hashtags via Instagram. You may even find some more on Google images! 

What Is A Garden Caption?

If you’ve looked around for inspirational houseplant quotes, you may have come across gardening captions.

These are essentially small “snippets” which can evoke some thought, either for comedy or inspiration. 

An example might be “happiness blooms in my garden”. 

The Bottom Line 

These inspirational quotes have a lot of power to evoke amazing feelings and thought processes about your own houseplants.

We hope you have enjoyed our picks and we hope you’ve got some extra inspiration for the plant care of your houseplant.

Good luck with your plant collection at home!

Amy Enrich